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Day Spa at Bernti's (COMING SOON)

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7 Days A Week From 10am to 6pm 

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Day Spa Menu (coming soon!)

'Relax and Enjoy'

Massage Ritual

Experience the undeniable in restoration at the BerntisSpa. Rituals reflect Eastern and Western cultures, created toharmonise and nurture the body and spirit and beautify theskin. For active adventurers or after a day hiking or on theslopes, our heavenly treats are perfect.

60 min $120 | 90 min $180

Mountain Body Bliss

Melt away the day with this exfoliation ritual to refresh, refineand renew, the ultimate skin conditioning treatment. Thesession features a light body-brushing to smooth down roughedges and unkink tight and tired muscles with a soul soothingmassage of precious warmed oils to leave the skinsoftened and hydrated.

 *Wild orange, grapefruit & ginger exfoliate

45 min $95 

Dry Body Brush | Signature Scrub | Massage

Refresh and refine skin with a dry body brush to boostlymphatic flow and allow your body to better remove toxins.Complimented by a signature exfoliant we buff away dry skincells to reveal soft glowing skin ready for our soul & skinnourishing finisher. Tired and tight muscles are addressedwith a rhythmical massage application of precious warmedoils to unkink and unwind the body. 

90 min $210 

Mountain Body Wrap

An ultra-relaxing treat to indulge the senses and cocoon thebody in lush elixirs and fragrant oils for intense nourishmentand complete rejuvenation. Replenishing moisture, silkinessand softness are sealed in leaving the skin radiant andsupple.

60 min $165